For Healthcare Providers

The data on this site is submitted by participating health plans to the Maryland Health Connection marketplace every two weeks through CRISP - our electronic health information partner. To make our data as accurate as possible it is verified through all participating Maryland health plans.

Common Causes of Discrepancies

In some instances, we find that providers don't immediately realize they are participating in a health plan's network. For instance, a new health insurance carrier may establish contracts to rely on the existing network of another health plan. Likewise, a practice at which an individual provider works part-time may include that person's name in its contracts with health plans. Lastly, because a health plan may not have your new practice address updated in its own directory, it could still be submitting a prior address.

Lead Times

Processing and testing lead time means a change made by a health plan will take between one and three weeks to be submitted as part of the bi-weekly update process and then inserted into the site database. Many health plans are also maintaining a provider network list on their own websites. Those lists are drawn from the same underlying data; however, the time between updates will vary according to their own schedule.

Contacting CRISP for Assistance

If you are a healthcare provider and see an inaccuracy in your data, report the inaccuracy to the insurance carrier(s) you contract with. Insurance companies submit provider network data to Maryland Health Connection every two weeks. Your updated information may not be submitted in the cycle after you report the inaccurate data, the insurance company should provide you with a date of when the correct data will be submitted to Maryland Health Connection.