What if I can't find my provider?

Try searching using less information about your provider. If you're searching your provider's full name, try searching just by his/her last name. If you're using the Advanced Search, try searching just by your provider's name (and leaving Provider Specialty, Provider County, Carrier Name, Plan Name and ZIP Code blank).

If you've tried these steps and still can't find your provider, your provider may not be in our database. CRISP depends on health insurance plans to submit accurate data. Currently, our provider list does not include every healthcare provider in Maryland and its neighboring states.

Which providers' information is on your site?

We build our provider lists from information submitted to us twice a month by the health insurance plans that participate in Maryland Health Connection. Right now, our directory only includes the health plans offering individual insurance plans. We do not include information from group plans, or from physicians who do not accept insurance, which means some providers' information will not be in our database. Directory last updated 6/23/2017.

What if my provider's information is incorrect?

If you are a healthcare provider and see an inaccuracy in your data, report the inaccuracy to the insurance carrier(s) you contract with. Insurance companies submit provider network data to Maryland Health Connection every two weeks. Your updated information may not be submitted in the cycle after you report the inaccurate data, the insurance company should provide you with a date of when the correct data will be submitted to Maryland Health Connection.

This directory was last updated on 6/23/2017. After June 30, 2017 the provider information contained on CRISP Provider Search will not be updated. Changes you report might not be reflected on CRISP.

Why isn't my health insurance plan listed?

Currently, only health insurance plans that are offered on Maryland Health Connection are displayed. Some plans — like Medicare and small business plans — are not on our site. If you need information about a specific plan, we recommend contacting the insurance carrier directly.

Where do I find out more information about the health insurance plans listed on your site?

Go to Maryland Health Connection's Plan Selection page. Click the name of the insurance carrier for which you'd like more information.